Mark of Athena

               After the cliffhanger ending of The Son of Neptune, Percy and Annabeth finally met each other. The 2 camps should have been in peace until Leo had done something that made the Romans mad at them. That’s why Romans followed them but failed to destroy them, instead planned to go to Camp Half Blood and fight the Greek demigods there. They traveled through the Mare Nostrum. As they continue their adventure they met the brother of Jason and of Percy (Guess who?). There have been many hindrances before they reach Rome but nothing’s going to stop them. All of them have different tasks to do. Annabeth has to follow the Mark of Athena alone, Percy, Jason and Piper had to go together and fight the 9 nymphs which is also the trap that Piper saw in Katoptris while Frank, Hazel and Leo trace Nico but instead of finding him they fell into a trap where discovered works of Archimedes and his scroll.

             Percy and Annabeth dreamed of everything that will happen like how Piper sees things through katoptris. I admire Piper’s intelligence because even if she doesn’t have powers for fighting, she uses her mind to make strategies that definitely worked and save them. Annabeth is brave and very intelligent as well, especially when she started to follow the Mark of Athena in Rome even if it means leaving Percy.      They also met different River Gods and Gods like Nemesis and Bacchus. It is cute how Percy and Jason worked as partners in fighting the twin giants and Bacchus also helped when both Jason and Percy are wounded. They needed Bacchus because demigods can never kill Giants without the help of Gods. The Mark of Athena has been found and Annabeth is successful in tricking Arachne because they both have the fatal flaw of being prideful. .Frank is very useful in their adventure he has transformed to dolphin to weasel to anything. They successfully saved in Nico but it has an equivalent sacrifice which is Percy and Annabeth. Nico revealed another part of their adventure on that leads to the Doors of Death. After Rome their next stop is Greece to close the doors of death but they still don’t know how. The doors of death had 2 sides one is above the ground guarded by Gaea’s monsters and Giants while the 2nd is in Tartarus. There should be simultaneous fighting in both sides in order to close the doors of death.

             What are my favorites:

  • The scene in the 2nd to the last chapter wherein Annabeth is pulled in Tartarus. It is so sweet that Percy won’t let her go and He said to Annabeth that you’re not getting away from me, Never again. I love every Percy and Annabeth scenes because they are so sweet, especially the part when they sneaked out and sleep together in the basement of the Argo II and watch the city lights below them ♥! I really love this book because it shows how Percy and Annabeth love each other.
  •  I love Jason and Piper’s love team, even though they just started getting sweet in this book. Their picnic scene in Rome is really sweet.♥
  •  The travel of  Leo and Hazel in the past and to find out the connection between Leo and Sammy and why they really looked the same. 
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